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Almost everyone has something about their smile that they don’t love. Over time, plaque build-up will take a toll on your teeth and begin to wear down your enamel. Your smile is supposed to last you a lifetime and our dedicated team at The Stein Dental Group work very hard to make sure that exact thing happens.

In order to keep your mouth healthy, we offer a wide range of general dentistry related services. Some of these include preventative procedures, such as clinical and oral cancer exams, routine cleanings, and patient education. Our hygienists work very hard to ensure that you have a healthy mouth. After they complete your cleaning, a general dentist will take a close look to confirm your oral health is in good standing.

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Although general dentistry is a broad term that covers a large majority of the services offered in our office, we also cater to other demographics as well. Our mission statement outlines that we are to be an all-in-one dental practice. We have the specialists to care of you, no matter what the dental issue might be!
For the children in your family, we offer pediatric dentistry in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The first impression a child has when they visit the dentist likely shapes their overall opinion on the dentist throughout their lives. Our team works diligently to make sure that when you bring your children in for a visit, they are taken care with the utmost respect and attention.

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At the Stein Dental Group, we firmly believe that trust is built through communication. More than providing a great service, we are committed to helping you make informed decisions about your healthcare needs.

One way that we do this is through the use of the Casey Cloud System, a video resource library we have in each treatment room that will provide easy to understand visuals and explanations of hundreds of dental procedures that you can watch in real time with our dental staff, so we can address any concerns or questions that come to mind. Additionally, another way we are holding ourselves accountable to this high standard is by creating an environment that makes your experience as easy, fluid and seamless as possible.

That’s why we have uniquely designed the Stein Dental Group as one of the only practices in Connecticut offering general dentistry and specialty procedures to ensure that you are not finding yourself transferring between health care offices to service your needs. We can take care of all of your needs in house with the general dentists, endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon that we have on site.

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What Will A Regular Check Up Look Like?

A quality checkup should always begin with the hygiene team. Our hygiene team will take a comprehensive approach to ensure your needs are met. Upon arrival, our hygienists will perform a quick exam the overall health of your mouth. Part of this exam includes reviewing your chart, assessing vitals, and performing an oral cancer screening. If there are any surfaces of the teeth that are difficult to see, our hygiene team may order an X-ray to get a larger look at the health of your mouth. Our hygiene team may also take a mold of your teeth, known as an impression, to observe your structural alignment. Any new findings or molds will be given to your dentist before his or her final examination. This ensures that your experience with us is both efficient and personalized.

After initial inspection, our hygiene team will get to work on the gunk and grime. Our hygienists are trained to remove plaque and tartar from those hard to reach areas on the surface of the teeth and near the gum line. Once the surface is clear, our hygienists will clean and polish your teeth with a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a mineral that has scientifically been shown to protect and restore the outer layer of your teeth that plaque and tartar like to attack. This preventative measure can help protect the more vulnerable areas of your teeth from decay.

Lastly, and probably the most importantly, our hygiene team will provide you with tips and instructions to help you to continue to sustain good oral standing. Our hygiene team will review brushing, flossing techniques and proper nutrition to maintain ideal acidity levels before sending in one of our dentists for a final examination.

During your final exam with our dentists, all of the information in your chart will be assessed and reviewed, and we will perform a quality assurance check to ensure that all surfaces of your teeth were carefully inspected. If there are any new findings or areas of concern, we will take the time to review your X-rays and molds and present you with treatment interventions through the use our Casey Cloud System. Collectively, we hope to engineer and implement a treatment plan to help you bring the issue to full resolution, or direct you to one our specialists if services are recommended.

Below is a list of some of the services that we can offer you:

If it is has been six months since your last check up, please give the Stein Dental Group a call to schedule your next cleaning and exam. We look forward to proving our commitment to you.

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Your visit is not only to clean your teeth and maintain oral health, it also includes education. We are more than happy to discuss your specific dental situations and to supply you with information to allow you to leave the office confident that you have received the best we have to offer. All treatment rooms are equipped with the Caesy System, which is designed to provide the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand patient education available. It educates with high-quality graphics to give you a detailed description of what each procedure entails.

Even if you brush and floss daily at home, it’s impossible to remove all the plaque that normally collects on teeth and gums. We have all of the instruments, knowledge, and experience to ensure the best results. Please call The Stein Dental Group today to schedule your next cleaning and exam. We look forward to your visit!

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